Arduino Starter Kit

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The Arduino Starter Kit is a great way to begin programming and working with electronic devices. The starter kit has enough components to work towards bigger computing projects. The kit is upgradable with new compoents without ever having to change the existing parts. Learn to code and create amazing things with this kit.

    • The kit comes with:
    • An Arduino UNO board
    • USB type B lead
    • 20 male to male cables
    • 400-hole breadboard
    • 5 Red LEDs
    • 5 Green LEDs
    • 5 Yellow LEDs
    • 6 buttons
    • 10 x 220ohm resistors
    • 10 x 1K resistors
    • 10 x 10K resistors
    • 10 x 100K resistors
    • 2 x photoresistor
    • 9V battery connector
    • 9V battery

Plus you will have access to our online resources that will provide increasing challenge as you grow in confidence.

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