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Learn IT Compute IT Arduino Starter Kit

Congratulations on purchasing the Learn IT Compute IT Arduino Starter Kit. Use this link to access the Learn IT Arduino Starer Kit download. You will need the password that was provided with the kit to access the download page.


This file is your guide to setting up and using the Arduino. It includes information on installing the Arduino IDE software to write your code and some simple getting started activities to try.


Keep coming back to find more resources and examples of things you can do with your Arduino.

Installing the Arduino IDE Software


The Arduino development environment software is available for Windows, MAC, Linux. Click on the link to the official Arduino website and follow the instructions:

You will have a choice of different downloads for the different operating systems. Select your version, download the installation file to your device and install


When you are finished installing you can click on the Arduino icon and open up the Arduino IDE software and are ready to start programming.


Finally you need to connect your Arduino to your computer. This is done via a USB cable. Connect the square end of the USB cable to the Arduino and the other end to your computer.

In the Arduino IDE software go to the Tools menu. Select Port and click on the port that your Arduino is connected to. This should already highlighted.